Where do I start, I suppose I start from the beginning.
For us the beginning was Christmas day 2011, Thomas my Grandson was born, big do’s and little do’s 3 months in ICU & HDU, loads of tests, & tears and finally Cystic Fibrosis was confirmed.

Wow, a shock to all concerned. A very dark day was when Thomas was baptised in the ICU unit, personally I was not sure he would see the next day, many more shocks followed those early dark day’s but (cliché warning) “the darkest hour is just before the dawn”.

Now Thomas is coming up to his 6th birthday and is a beautiful little man, full of beans and love with the most inquisitive mind.
So as I start on this journey, if ever my day becomes dark I will just need to look to Thomas for inspiration.

So what am I going to do?
I am going to walk, but not just any walk, this is the first time the CF community are going to come together to walk Land’s End to John O’Groats. I say the CF community as I won’t be able to manage this alone, I am going to need YOUR help.

How can you help?
Well let me tell you how I intend to do this, I have a motorhome and in week one, my wife is helping me (her help will be invaluable over this journey) so day one, she will drop me off at land’s end, she may even walk a mile or two with me, but then turn around, pick the motorhome up from start point and take it to the finish point for that day.
Now other people along the journey have offered to help, some who have their own car have planned to do the following; they meet me at the start point for that day, take the motorhome with their bicycle in the motorhome up to the days finish point, then they cycle back, pick up their own car, then they can do what they want to do, it’s their free time. I will do the easy bit……….. the walking. I just need the CF community to help me get from a finish point each day back to where my motorhome is set up.

Each day I will upload a blog, post photo’s to the web site, also load up mileage, height gain, distance so far, route etc etc.

I will also try and have a tipple of the day & post on the web site so we can see which beer is on the menu from which brewery, how it tastes, I agree this part will be difficult!

I also want you, the CF community to tell me about your CF stories, I would love you to write a small upbeat story about how you came to be involved with CF.

You may have lost somebody to CF, so how have you managed to pick up the pieces? What was positive about your journey? You may have CF, if so let me know your story & let me know how you feel & what makes you smile & what makes you sad.

Each day I want to upload your story and dedicate the walk that day to the person who wrote the story or the person whose story it is.

So come on. I as a member of the CF community am asking for your help. WE can raise money together, WE can spread the message about this condition and WE can show CF that it may win a few battles but it will never ever win this war.

I start our journey on the 1st of July 2018 and hope to complete within 3 months.


Contact details are available here Walking4cf@gmail.com  to offer help and   here to donate. WE are aiming to raise £7,000.00. A massive goal, but if WE all pull together then WE WILL  achieve this.

So how can you help if you can’t do anything on the ground so to speak.


How else can you help?

Pass the word Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat any other type of social media hey even chat to a person let people know what WE as the CF community are attempting to do.