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ST Couch-2-5K

"Get back into your little black dress for Christmas Plan" as Stephen calls it.

Off the back of Stephen Taylor's massive Le Jog success we are going to do another Couch-2-5K Plan starting on Monday 8th October with a 10 week plan leading up to the 10th Dec and a final 5K Park Run at Clitheroe on the Sat 15th.
You can come and join us at Billington Band Club (BB7 9NW) at 6.45pm on the 2 Mondays leading up to the 8th Oct for a chat and a walk with Stephen to find out all about the 10 week plan. PLEASE SHARE — with Stephen Taylor.
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Leg 60 Watten to John O’Groats 17-5 miles 379 feet.
The End & The Power of People.

This journey has been, well unthinkably wonderful, difficult, painful, easy, I feel we have had every emotion under the sun.

Day 3, I had blood running down my ankles from the blisters.
The muscle pain that Denise Park sorted was so close to stopping us, the pain in my feet has been the worst thing ever but help from Antony Hughes has kept them going.
One thing I can be honest about is at no time over the last what ever number of days, have I ever said I am not doing this anymore.
At no point have I ever thought I am giving up; for that I am proud. I am proud of the people I have jumped on and bombarded with facts about CF, I am proud to know so many people who care and I am amazed at the support we have received.

Leg 31 for me was just great. Seeing so many people going in the same direction...not direction as in way to go but oh you know what I mean.

The lady who had so much composure having lost a son to CF and a daughter still living with CF will spring to mind, whenever the word bravery is mentioned.

I have discovered that CF is an invisible illness, but I tell you what the people I have come across who have had dealings with CF have been so dignified, such strength of character, you show them that you are part of the CF family and they stand with you regardless if you have a family member with CF it’s just a glue that binds us.

People running down the road to give us lots of money, stopping on the A9 in the middle of the road to give money, the bloody A9 death trap!!!! some say good luck, some say well done, some say nothing to me, to me they know all about CF.

I can’t say a lot about the walk today or the last Few days I have had my head right down and walked an unthinkable amount of miles but, as painful as it has been at times I thank my lucky stars I don’t have CF.

Last four songs, I have loved the track of the day some of the requests have been fab some well......... the last four are from Gail, Garry me and my son Dominic

Gail, it says it all.

From The Gaz master, absolutely stunning track.

And a last minute request from Thomas's Dad

Mine I have left my Fav till last, was a very dark time in my family’s life. A lot of bad stuff was going on, lights in cars being smashed on drive bad men talking to you, it was very very dark, I was working away lamb rang with more bad news, I had no answers, I opened the curtains this track came on the radio and it went uphill from there, I learnt no matter how bad it gets keep strong and hold on to the one thing nobody can take off you, ever “hope”
Deep yep but that’s just me at times.

So what now? Well I will rest for a week or so, these tired bones need to recoup, then well, I have not run since Boxing Day due to training for this LEJOG type thing. I am desperate to get back on Pendle covered in mud so I am going back to running club and doing a C25k just to get me going again, not bothered if I am doing it by myself just want to be back at the club and run again.
So thank you for all the support thank you for being part of this what ever this is.

The title at the top of the page is wrong, it’s not the end it’s the end of a small battle the war continues like I have said all I do is carry the Baton, till such time as I can’t or CF no longer matters.
One day CF will stand for CURE FOUND

The End or is it?

Please keep an eye on this for a week or so something else is going to happen that will have some tears and smiles from most.

Don’t forget the 12 October it will be great night and the final total will be revealed it’s going to be a whopper!
If you are a Claret keep an eye on the Bournemouth game!

So that’s it for now it’s onwards and downwards to God’s county Lancashire, foot note we have made it to Pitlochry and I am reading some messages it’s been hard to get to phone, now I said I was holding my emotions, I am not now!!! Feck!

Something that has just hit me was a quote I read today "Permanence, perseverance, and persistence in spite of all obstacles, discouragements and impossibilities: It is this, that in all things distinguishes the strong soul from the weak." Thomas Carlyle. You Steve are that strong soul 🙂

Made me cry....
I am just trying to help that’s all, I don’t feel I have done anything, just tried to let people know that Thomas and others just don’t deserve this illness.
Others think I have maybe done some good I maybe have to listen to them... just had first pint did not touch the sides.... few more then sleep with no alarm, then Home xx

We have joined a very special club, who’s membership is limited, one of the joining criteria is “doing it for others” we are in it.

Bless you x
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Well done Steve ...a little video for you ...and of course Alizon - had to play the track twice to get lots of pics on! ... See MoreSee Less

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Just written blog but it’s written with Beer, so better wait till morning to post then I can check it
Hope that’s ok.
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A very special dedication today sent in by Steve’s son Dominic.....

Our son Thomas Joesph Taylor was born on Christmas Day 2011 at Burnley general hospital, everyone was happy and all seemed fine until it was noticed Thomas couldn’t keep down his milk or open his bowels. I returned to the hospital on Boxing Day as the proudest dad in the world, on opening the door to the room where Louise (mummy) and Tom we’re supposed to be I was just greeted by Louise who informed me that Thomas had been transferred to intensive care. We were quickly rushed over to Manchester children’s hospital and a couple of major surgeries were under taken. Testing for CF was mentioned after the first surgery, our knowledge on this was very small and looking back I guess we didn’t want to believe it either. We kept our fingers and toes crossed for good results to come back. The next month was spent between ISC (intensive care unit) and HDU (high dependency unit) then back to a ward then back to ISC and HDU and so on and so on it was a rough time, and during this time we made a decision to have Thomas baptised. After three months a sweat test was taken and confirmed that Thomas had Cystic Fibrosis, after four months we left Manchester children’s hospital to all come home together to start our home family life. Thomas has picked up infections and had numerous periods in hospital, he always remains bright and cheerful and has a smile to melt any girls heart. I sometimes think he’s stronger than me - he is our little CF warrior. Thomas is now in Year 2 in primary school and in progressing in leaps and bounds. He has a wonderful caring family all around him who love him dearly. Thomas has become quite a pro on his little motorbike and pushbike and he also has numerous hobbies including swimming, jujitsu and playing out with his friends. We were as a family very naive to CF and it was a complete shock to find out the gene was carried by both sides of the family. Together as one we will fight to kick CF’s ass and give our boy a life beyond his wildest dreams.

My dad has always been an inspiration to me and I guess he is to many more now as well. We are all so proud of you grandad Ram. Love you loads dad.

Sending massive best wishes to you today Steve and knowing thoughts of Thomas will always drive you on xx
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Leg 60....exciting times - Steve’s own business PMP Utilities www.pmp-utilities.co.uk is today’s sponsor and Maria Reed who’s been running the Walking4CF website sent us the company information and a message for Steve .....

Today’s leg is sponsored by Steve’s company, PMP Utilities.
Founded in 1983 by Steve’s father, PMP provides bespoke engineering in high risk confined spaces and via rope access to utilities, civil engineering, power generation and process industries. Under the leadership of Steve and his management team, PMP has grown significantly in the last five years but still maintains the family run atmosphere, that helps to make it a great place to work.

In 2015 we moved to new purpose designed headquarters in Burnley. These substantial new facilities highlight our continued commitment to support our clients throughout the utilities, power and processing industries. The new premises house our new engineering workshop, equipped for bespoke milling, turning, welding and fabrication, along with large dedicated and secure internal and external storage. The new headquarters also contain purpose built mobilisation and welfare areas and new office and training facilities.
This considerable investment by PMP will provide even greater certainty in our capability and allow us to take advantage of new opportunities for growth within AMP6 and across all industries.

Everyone at PMP is extremely proud of Steve and what he has achieved during this walk to raise funds and awareness for CF. We are looking forward to having him back at work but, hopefully, we won’t need to see his feet!
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Hello ...only a little more time to dedicate Steve's walk to CF sufferers and this one is a special one who I saw running past me on Sunday!...many thanks for sending in your story Anthony Baker...

Hi.. I have cystic fibrosis myself. I was diagnosed at 6 months old.. I then spent most if my childhood in hospital.. and over the years I also put on a bit of weight.. - well I went up to 21 stone to be precise!.. 3 years ago I decided to do something about it and go against a lot of what I was told growing up.. I changed my nutrition and took up fitness.. I attacked fitness with a bang and in 9 months lost 9 and half stone.. since then i have become a fitness instructor and personal trainer. I have had so many achievements in the last 3 years. But also to the point that I could do The Great North Run last weekend in aid of CF. I raised over £600 and am so pleased. My aim is to inspire anyone with CF that we can live as normal a life as anyone else, but to enable me to inspire others I had to be inspired in the first place too and its people like you Steve that inspire me.. someone who's willing to put themselves out there for an act of kindness that they didn't have to do.. so for that I thank you. Well done buddy.
Here are some of my photos...

Amazing - keep well Anthony and thank you x
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Wow - so many messages Steve GxGrandad Steve is nearing the end of his epic Lands End to John o'Groat journey. We know he is finding thee last few days tough so are asking our fabulous community to send him messages of good luck. Let's give Steve that last push he needs to reach the finish with a big smile on his face! ... See MoreSee Less

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Leg 59 a lot of miles but not as many as we have done, we are south of somewhere but north of somewhere we have been.

I never make mistakes.

While we have been away, we have had some really good restaurant finds. TripAdvisor has worked fantastically well which is no shock to me as I always use it often when I am away with work. While in Brora over the last two nights I thought well TA as we have had long days.
So Sids Spice came out top of the list.Tuesday I popped in, wow it was one of the best Indians I have ever had, it’s never as nice on your own but good food and service makes up for it.

So last night came and I was tired and just thought oh sod it I will go to Sid’s (mistake number 1). Chatting to the waiter who said welcome back I said to him the food last night was top notch but have you something a little hotter? (Mistake number 2). The food came absolutely perfect...scrumptious! just the ticket.
A beer with Sam and a glass of wine before bed, slept like a baby Ram.
6 am alarm coffee ok think I will just pop to loo, no problem, little tummy ache but nothing that you don’t expect from double Indian... back to Motorhome. Sam got his stuff sorted, tent down etc then a rumbling in my tummy....... just at that time, I decided I had to go! Sam had put up the Motorhome step up (mistake number 3) therefore the step down was large and unexpected!
This operated the flap valve and we had problems, now looking across to the toilet block it sort of disappeared into the distance like one of those crazy mirrors at Blackpool but being a man I had decided I would make it (mistake number 4). This ended up with the funnest type of walk I have ever had to do across the field to the block. Needles to say, the flap valve had decided to pass a little. Thank the Lord it was early. On a positive note, it’s always nice to have a shower first thing!
You will see from all the photos we have taken that I always try and get a picture the of War memorials I pass. I have been astounded at the number of memorials we have seen in every town, village, and hamlet, all who lost men of mainly young ages. Some memorials had a lot of the same names that were more than likely family members. Some towns the size of Whalley lost unthinkable amounts of men...almost a whole generation wiped out. Now I am sure Germany has the same sort of memorials, but when you see them day after day after day it makes you realise how many lives were lost...... we really do owe so much to these brave men.

Song choice
Manhar had donated for this track so i am pleased to play it for him.

One from Sam

One from me
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When Steve does reach his final destination the dedication will of course be for Thomas ....Steve's grandson and the initial inspiration for this epic challenge and of all the fundraising Steve has done for Cystic Fibrosis before his walk.

The picture here shows Thomas before being diagnosed and then one year later after being given the treatment for CF. It was sent by his maternal grandmother and demonstrates how far treatment has advanced compared to decades ago. The photos show the harsh reality of a small baby with CF and the incredible change treatment can make.....and will continue to make as we all pull together to raise funds to fight this cruel illness for all those suffering ....watch this space to see the dedication to Thomas ....keep going Steve - Thomas will be so massively proud of you, as are all of us, along with a huge amount of gratitude xx

Follow Steve’s whole journey at www.walking4cf.org.uk and please share and donate if you can x
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Leg 59 .....somewhere near Helmsdale and heading somewhere near Dunbeath ....Steve is just basically getting his head down and putting one foot in front of the other to reach John O’Groats sometime soon! Today’s sponsor is another example of the support of friends and family ....Bill Reed has donated today as Bill’s Caners! Bill is a stalwart of Running4CF and a big supporter and organiser of all the fundraising events they do - including being a huge influence on the activities for LEJOG, alongside this kind donation of his own ... personal donations mean a lot and have made such a massive difference to the event ....many, many thanks to Bill and thanks for this fab picture of him with his “3 amigos Kim , Cath and Robyn”....

Good luck to Steve today ....I know everyone is thinking of him right now and willing him to the end xx
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Leg 58 20 Miles plus some 320 feet.
Toe nails are overrated, 3 off two to go.

Landed just north of Helmsdale, it’s easy with Sam here again, as I can ring when I am done and he just picks me up, not sure if the blisters, will ensure we finish on schedule (Saturday) but will try our best. Remember the schedule was changed due to the Mighty Clarets playing in Europe, how long ago does that seem?
The long and winding road that is the A9 is best described for a walker, as well, a death Trap, I have developed a system that should ensure I don’t get flattened by one of the logging wagons, it’s called snog, marry, avoid. If any car is approaching, I glance back if nothing is coming then I stay put so the car moves out of the way, that’s Snog, if a van comes I again glance back and see if another car is coming, if no car I stay put and wave that’s marry, if a wagon is coming I jump on to the verge close my eyes and think of England, cos they don’t move

Oh how my mind is wandering while I walk.

So I suppose we are drawing to a close with all this walking Malarkey, I feel that over the next 3 days we should take a look back at what we have found from this adventure, take what you want and leave the rest I know I will, I have so many highs, some lows & laughs, even a few tears now that’s hard to say. So we will leave it there as Mrs Reed will put it in her locker!
All the views photos are from todays jaunt along the A9.
They don’t half drive fast, one thing for sure if I ever see a walker/cyclist I am going to slow right down.
I really hope this does not happen but I fear people will get killed on this A9 either walk or bike, doing LEJOG.
The traffic has increased 75% in the last two years due to the NC500 (Tarmac Tourist) just hope it does not happen.
If I was to pass any advise it’s go inland go west as a certain gay band once said don’t worry they are not on track of the day.
I want to pass this on to you that somebody told me on route, “ resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die” very deep and the more you think about it the lighter the load gets, my rucksack’s empty, how full is yours?
Onwards and well for a few days upwards

Track of the day, these bands changed the music scene forever.
Mid to late 70’s
Loud is the only way



We could not have a trilogy with out this
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Meet Grace. She has Cystic fibrosis and is tackling the biggest challenge of her life 🙌
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Leg 58 Golspie to Helmsdale - I think ....as Steve is just getting his head down and really motoring on - he’s been amazing - off the scale in mental and physical determination ... but he now needs to be finished and needs to be home with his family and normality ...and we’re willing him on every step of the way - and it’s still a long way!

Today is sponsored by Geoff Gough Valeting Services - a fantastic mobile business that means you can have your vehicle valeted on your driveway - makes life a lot easier! ...Geoff is a running pal of Garry Wilkinson and was one of the first to step up and pledge his sponsorship ....he can be contacted on 07843495363 - call him for all your valeting needs.

Huge thanks to Geoff and sending love and best wishes to Steve today - I for one can’t imagine the mental strength he has to find now - but like you all, I know he will xx
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Leg 57 20 miles ( plus some) 340 feet
Why all the Pampas Grass? Well not many pubs!
Let’s see who gets that?

Let’s crack on and get this finished
I am taking the 5th amendment, and using my loaf to get this out of the way, I feel now Sam is back with us that we can get this finished in a shorter period of time, it’s all tarmac no real climb my legs feel strong, Sam can collect and drop me off where ever I finish, on the day, as long as I don’t go into walking in the dark all will be well, so the blog over the next few days will or could be sketchy...... I will post as I am going along if that’s ok?

I could do with getting home.

The whole landscape has changed, also the weather is a little wild, the Motorhome was rocking last night ( oh those memories to tired to think about that) due to the wind it’s still blowing now ( again those distant memories) just by a beach now and the views are stunning but it’s so cold!
Tracks of the day a little different, the calm before the storm so to say!
Some cracking love songs here, I know Ram and love songs!!!!!! What ever next! Well it’s all that Motorhome rocking!




Onwards and upwards
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Leg 57 ....5 day countdown now!! Tain to Glospie for Steve and I know these last few days are going to both tough and emotional for Steve - but also exciting!

Today's Leg is sponsored by 2 businesses belonging to James Smith ...Steadplan MAN Trucks and Trailer dealership www.steadplan.co.uk and Signtec ...both of which we would massively have struggled without. They both gave us the loan of the support vehicle, which has been invaluable, and produced all the signage for this van and Steve and Alizon's motorhome - raising awareness of the challenge, and CF, wherever they went!

Huge thanks to James and both his companies for this support - as Steve approaches his last 5 walks today we realise even more that none of this would have been possible without such generosity behind us both in donations and the practical stuff we needed!

Keep watching and reading (and of course supporting) Stephen Taylor on his final 5 days ...share his posts and his journey with anyone you can, and lets celebrate his achievement and see off CF together....Gx
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Leg 56 23.9 miles 1070 feet

It’s a long long long long long road
Or in French “Dave Ja Vue” Mange tout mange tout...

When oh when will men ever learn or should I say when oh when will Ram ever learn..... I will come back to that.
Set off time 7:02 I was keen to get going, the train back from Tain was 15:46 so best foot forward was the plan, now plans are great as long as you don’t try a few tweaks, remember the first week we set off all those miles ago I decided two days before setting off on this mammoth challenge to play golf in my new golf shoes??? The result blisters.

Well I did not play golf yesterday but at about 6:45 this morning when well to be honest I am not at my optimum operating excellence well, in fact scratching bits is about my level, ok those amongst you now going, oh how, did you do something so silly, well come on how really good are you first thing in the morning, a famous actor made a quote about morning people but I can’t for the life of me remember it.
Ok back, to it well I decided to put extra insoles into my shoes, just to try and nullify the pain from the base of my foot....... eureka it worked.... well it worked for about 5 miles then the knowing pain of hot spots appeared on my left foot, not to be out done and feeling a little like a spoilt school child that had been left out of a game the right foot kicked off straight away, now my feet or at this moment in time Er Er Er how do I put this in a politically correct manner, I know, I can’t, so doctor Rams diagnosis is that they are Fecked.
It takes a little time for them to work out that something else is wrong, in fact I feel they have got a mind of their own and they say ok let’s not tell big bloke up there that we have an other issue let’s just wait!! I can picture little gremlins in my feet laughing.
All of above means I now have two cracking blisters, if nothing else they take away the thinking about other foot problems,well that’s a positive isn't it? but you know what, I could not give two hoots I just don’t care if somebody took all my shoes away I would walk in socks if they took the socks well on we go.
Today for the first time I am getting a feeling of immense pride, we hit avg 3 mph per hour today for the whole 24 miles now to me that is going some, mentally I am now so very strong, writing this now, ok I am knackered but I can’t wait to get going again, let’s enjoy theses last few days, I have a feeling I am going to.
I had the real pleasure of walking with Sarah today again the young lady walking for sarcoma, we had a lovely chat and hit on some real emotional moments, I am proud that I can now talk about s£&t, that In the past could not, maybe this walking Malarky has a lot to answer for, hmmmmm deep Ram deep.

Track of the day
3 of them hell why not, please please play them in order


This is for my daughter Emily Ruth Taylor she really is beautiful inside and outside it’s the 8 min version anything else would be a crime.
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Leg 56 Dingwall to Tain .....this time next week I'll no longer be posting about our sponsor of the day - 6 more walks for Steve! Today's sponsor is Townsend records of Clitheroe .....trading for over 30 years they are a fantastic real music shop where you can still browse vinyl and CD's amongst other music supplies and instruments...pay them a visit on Moor Lane in Clitheroe - you won't be disappointed! Visit their online store too www.townsend-records.co.uk

Thanks to them for support and please all keep sending Steve your support too as he completes this final week - it's going to be physically tough and I have a feeling a little emotionally draining - nearly time for Steve to come home, having achieved something most of us couldn't even contemplate! Gxx
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