How to help

1 – Well let me tell you how I intend to do this.

I have a motorhome and in week one, my wife is helping me, her help will be invaluable over this journey. So day one, she will drop me off at Land’s End, she may even walk a mile or two with me, but then turn around, pick the motorhome up from start point and take it to the finish point for that day.

Now other people along the journey have offered to help. Some who have their own car have planned to do the following.

They meet me at the start point for that day, take the motorhome with their bicycle in the motorhome up to the day’s finish point, then they cycle back, pick up their own car, then they can do what they want to do, it’s their free time. I will do the easy bit……….. the walking. I just need the CF community to help me get from a finish point each day back to where my motorhome is set up.

Each leg is detailed here.

You can see where I’m starting from, finish point and the planned overnight location.
If you can help me on any of these legs, that would be amazing.

2 – Help me with the content for the daily dedication

I want you, the CF community to tell me about your CF stories. I would love you to write a small upbeat story about how you came to be involved with CF.

You may have lost somebody to CF, if so how have you managed to pick up the pieces? What was positive about your journey?

You may have CF, if so let me know your story & let me know how you feel & what makes you smile & what makes you sad.

3 – How else can you help?

Pass the word via Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat any other type of social media. Hey, even chat to a person and let people know what WE as the CF community are attempting to do.

Please see below different peoples stories in their words about their involvement with CF, these stories are written by the people at the coal face so to speak, some stories may be about people who we have lost.

Note –  “tissues ready”

The only brief from me if you want to send a story in, is let’s try and keep them upbeat, each day we will walk for who the story is written for.


Please look at the Steve journey planner and if you could help please get in touch