Help me with the content for the daily dedication

I want you, the CF community to tell me about your CF stories. I would love you to write a small upbeat story about how you came to be involved with CF.

You may have lost somebody to CF, if so how have you managed to pick up the pieces? What was positive about your journey?

You may have CF, if so let me know your story & let me know how you feel & what makes you smile & what makes you sad.

Please see different peoples stories in their words about their involvement with CF, these stories are written by the people at the coal face so to speak, some stories may be about people who we have lost or who have achieved something, however small. Also, let us know how you deal with the challenges of living with CF.

The only brief from me is to send a story in, tell me who it is about and each day we will walk for who the story is dedicated to.


Pass the word via Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat any other type of social media. Hey, even chat to a person and let people know what WE as the CF community are attempting to do.