Leg 52 – 6 September

Starting at Laggan Lochs and Ending at Iinvermoriston

The Days Journey

Leg 52 18.1 miles 1075 feet.

It’s only rain.

As Mr Wilkinson has written a bit about today before I had finished my work (see below) not a lot to add really, apart from I met some lovely people, I met a Kiwi couple who were going End to end ie LEJOG and Dan who is traveling, well have a look at his face book page, https://m.facebook.com/Get-to-the-Border-challenge-2018-27…/

I had a 10 min chat with him, but could have sat down had a few pints and talked all night, good lad who is on a mission.
Right that’s me, I am giving Mr Wilkinson no more info about my walk when I finish so he can’t beat me to this blog type thing!
I am also getting better with Selfies. Not as good as a certain CK, who takes 558 a day, but I am getting there!

Track of the day two really, as, get this (days are running out) Fran the landlady from the Red Pump has chosen the first.
And with that theme, I get to pop in what in my eyes is a classic, but you probably won’t have heard it before, if not give it a listen, I first heard it in a bar in Dublin after a heavy night, it just blew me away.
Frans track https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gfpmuuzt3q0


Gary’s notes:

Leg 52 and another 18 miles and over a 1000’ literally bashed out today by Stephen to Invermoriston……..the song of the day has to be ‘Here comes the rain again’…….Cag on Cag off all day…….on his own today head down and finishing at 2.45pm, ‘the machine’ is getting stronger and the will to finish is in his eyes……….Ste collected and shipped to the campsite for just after 3pm and some valuable time to do some washing as there appeared to be a smell of walking/running gear starting to prevail in the support van…..sun decided to show late afternoon to dry…….but you guessed it …..’Here comes the rain again’……..52 down…9 legs to go

Our Sponsor for Today

Leg 52 – 6 September

Steve's mum Brenda is today's sponsor - I can only imagine how proud she feels right now for both what Steve (and Alizon) are achieving and the inspiration they are driving in others too...lots of love and many thanks to her for supporting today's leg. Having family and friends behind a challenge like this, alongside the corporate support, really matters - the total funds raised will be announced in October at the celebration 'do'! Good luck today Steve - we're all thinking about you Gx

Todays Leg is Dedicated to:

Charles Michael Duke

Take a look at his FB page below – he’s recently had a double lung transplant and has been an ambassador for the CF Trust and campaigner for organ donation for a long time – remaining positive despite struggling with ill-health….I’ve followed Charles for a while on here and I’ve seen the videos and blogs he’s done too…sending all our best wishes to him and love and thanks for raising such awareness of Cystic Fibrosis.



Beer of the Day

Leg 52 – 6 September