Leg 1 – 1st July

Starting at Lands End and Ending at Zennor

The Days Journey

Well, we’ve started! Day 1 is here and our first steps have been taken after all the preparation and hard work by everyone involved. The sun was shining but it had cooled down a little. Have a look at the video link for the memorable first step and Steve’s thoughts as he was about to set off.

Steve’s Starting video – facebook link

Steve’s Starting Video – YouTube link

It was inspiring to stand and admire the view from the bottom tip of the UK, before taking that first step and the first leg has been completed – the ice bath was interesting.

Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny have also started their adventure, as well. Watch out for their image each day as they complete LEJOG.

Today’s leg details:

Start time 07:51

Distance 16.9 miles

Avg speed 2.1 mph

Max 7.7 mph

Total height gain 2392 feet

Temp max 27.8

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Collaborative Change

Todays Leg is Dedicated to:

Amelia Dickinson

My name is Amelia Dickinson, I’m 17 and I was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at 3 months.

I was in hospital for almost a month with pneumonia and my parents told me I nearly died. Life with CF isn’t easy and I’m so grateful to my mum, dad and sister Ella for helping to keep me well.  I have to have regular two week courses of strong medication through I.V’s which used to be given to me through a ‘long line’, which wasn’t easy, and eventually my veins began to fail. I had surgery to fit a portacath. I was really scared at the time, but it has turned out to be one of the best things that I have done, it has changed my life as my I.V’s are much easier and painless these days. For the past 3 ½ years I’ve had a struggle with my lung function and my lung capacity is at around 32%. It was lower, but I’ve battled back! It needs to be above 42% so I need to talk to the Lung Transplant team – this doesn’t mean that I need a transplant, it just means I’m on the radar and they’ll look after me.

Since I started secondary school I realised I was different. I couldn’t just run out of the door in the morning to rush to school like my friends. My morning routine like other CF sufferers includes: 5 puffs of my Ventolin inhaler, insulin, eat 1000 calories worth of food, inhale saline solution through an ineb nebulizer, physio to clear mucus from my lungs, inhale antibiotics through an Ineb, 2 flucloxacillin tablets, hayfever tablet, slow sodium tablet, anti-sick tablet and a reflux tablet!  This is just the morning. I need lots of extra food and snacks throughout the day (around 3000 calories) and more physio if I’m not feeling 100% so that I can clear my lungs. I have to repeat all of this in the evening too and take extra vitamins. It sounds like a lot? ….. it is. Like all CF sufferers it does get me down sometimes, but I’m determined to keep well and still enjoy life…..treatment for CF is improving thanks to the science and research that is advancing all the time and I’m optimistic for the future.  On behalf of all of us with CF I want to send a massive thank you to Steve for the challenge he is doing to raise awareness and funds to fight Cystic Fibrosis – and on this, his first day, wish him all the luck in the world from us all …it means a lot …Amelia Dickinson xx

Beer of the Day

Cider – for a real ale man!!

Very strong, close brewed with a medium sweet taste. 4 pints was more than enough!

Day 1 – beer