Leg 12 – 16th July

Starting at Simonsbath and Ending at Kingsbridge

The Days Journey

Into another county and the joys of English Villages.
Leg 12 …16 miles 2350 feet.

Total walked to date – 183 miles
Track of the day putting this to top now as not had any comments re tracks and we have had some belters…

Track of the day

Today we had a slightly later start due to logistics, so the start was 08:17 we had to pound out the miles to make it 10@12 but did it with 20 seconds to spare so that’s 4 in a row.

As you will see from some of the photos, can’t believe we are now in another county. We have seen changes in landscapes to the now more Rolling country side, beautiful tree lined paths, but every valley we drop into, a charming village appears. The villages of Exford ( where we found the wonderful Exford bridge Tea shop) also the Bench dedicated to Major Wandy Swales ( if I ever come back I want to be called Wandy) – he represented our country must have been a good guy!
Then after a few more miles dropped into our end for today, Kingsbridge. Chocolate box cottages a little stream through the centre joyful, until you find the bloody pub closed on Mondays!!!!!!!!!
No beer of the day as it was closed so it’s tins!

Our Sponsor for Today

Leg 12 sponsor

Our sponsor of the day is St Joseph's RC Primary School Hurst Green and this message is from Linda Geldard who teaches at the school, and is a big part of Running4CF, will hopefully spur you both on...."The staff, children and families of St Josephs wish you luck every step of the way. We're tired as we start our last week of term but know that we've got time to rest while you continue to walk all the way through the school holidays and then for the first 2 weeks of the new term. We'll be thinking of you - you're a CF hero".....you really are - good luck Steve ...stay strong.

Todays Leg is Dedicated to:

Alissia Brown

At only 16, Alissia put together Team Evolve to take part in the Yorkshire Warrior challenge on our behalf raising a whopping £849.11 and here’s what she said…

“The reason I chose to try and raise money for The CF Trust is because I’m actually a sufferer myself. Even though I’m only 16, I’ve managed to get the whole of Team Evolve in on raising as much money as we can for this important cause!! CF has had a large impact on my life as well as my family’s, however, I understand even more so how hard it can be for others.

My CF means that I am pancreatic sufficient, therefore I don’t need to take enzymes and other medication that other CF sufferers might have to take. I’m very well in myself and have been training hard. I’m so lucky to have such a good support network around me from my family, friends and Team Evolve.”

Stay well, Alissia, and thank you.

Beer of the Day

Pub closed – disaster!

Leg 12 – 16th July