Leg 14 – 18th July

Starting at Ashford Reservoir and Ending at Walton

The Days Journey

It had to happen one day! 21.5 miles (not planned) 400 feet.


I must be the biggest 16, 17, 9, 3, 11.
Known to man! I will not swear on here so think about a, b,c, it’s easy as 1,2,3

First off it had to happen, we took a wrong path! If I never see the King Sedgemore Drain again it will be too soon! It was a wrong path side that cost us just over two miles, not a lot, but a lot when you have done enough.

Secondly I think I have broken records today, look at the photo, let me explain. I had tweaked a calf a few days ago I said nowt but just iced it up, but forgot to cover the ice pack with a sock, so I think I have frost bite you could not even write it. LEJOG in 25 degree and the above numbers gets Frost bite!!!! Mr Bonington would laugh.!

It now is also looking a little infected, but looking after it well, but Elizabeth Jane Harris, can you help? My wife is with me who has been a staff nurse for over 30 years but we have not kit????.
Any how, rest of photos:

Crossed the M5 today and I had my first twinge of home sickness I suppose it had to happen at some point.

Lamb and Malcolm just all happy after the walk.

Sedgemore drain (never to be seen again)

Houses I would like to live in

Sunflowers a church and a man trying to get over a wall!!
Today’s track


Our Sponsor for Today


Holy Souls Primary School in Blackburn where our Running4CF friend Danielle Ellison is Headmistress and along with the whole school has been a huge supporter of Steve’s challenge. On 22nd June Steve and Garry plus a team of staff and volunteers walked 60 Year 10 and 11 children up to the Big End of Pendle on a sponsored walk whilst the younger age group did events at the school - they raised an enormous £2600 ...amazing and we are all incredibly grateful.

Todays Leg is Dedicated to:

Beer of the Day

Today’s cider, Harry’s! The best yet, 6.2%. Oh dear, this is going to be a mess!

Leg 14 beer