Leg 15 – 19th July

Starting at Walton and Ending at Chilcompton

The Days Journey

Leg 15… 19:5 miles 1200 feet


Bumped into a guy today who read the tee shirt, and came out with the comment “oh you have only just started” hmmmm Red rag to a bull…. PARDON? “Well it’s not far” Oh so the 250 miles we have just done don’t count? “Oh so many”
YES, I thought I better to walk on.

While walking away, I casted my mind back to before the start, some 18 months ago and I thought the same, sort of glorifying the walk as a pleasure, an outing, how wrong I was.
This is a very tough challenge, anybody who thinks differently I ask you to walk for 3 x 20 mile days with say 6000 feet, 95% of you reading this will fully understand what this is about the other 5% no problem.
But I akin it to Thomas, Amelia, Lorcán, Esme Tom, and every CF suffering person or family member who has to endure that pain or watch that pain happen.
Let us not stand by, let us be involved let us make the 5% fully understand the enormous battle that a CF person has everyday.
This is not a personal challenge, it is to let the 5 % know all about it.
Rant over.

Onwards and upwards.
First of my goals will be In the Bag tomorrow BATH the reason why? We have turned North.

Some photos looking back to Glastonbury from a castle, I seemed to bump into a lot of animals and a very angry little horse!
Track of the day

Our Sponsor for Today


St Augustine’s School Billington. In June one of our Running4cf group Stephen Burton, who teaches there, organised a wear yellow and sponsored run day and raised in excess of £800 for The Cystic Fibrosis Trust to support the LEJOG challenge ....massive thanks to Stephen and all at the school - an amazing amount and we are incredibly grateful. St Augustine's have now raised £1540.29 and would like to thank you for inspiring us to get involved and show our support. Keep up the good work and good luck on your epic journey!!!

Todays Leg is Dedicated to:

Lorcán Maguire

His mum Jen sent us this lovely message …..

This is Lorcán, he is 18 months old and has Cystic Fibrosis. Lorcán means ‘Little Fierce One’, and he certainly is! He loves to be active and to be outside.

He has just learnt how to take his tablets whole with only a sip of water, we clap each time he does it and so does he!

Taking around 20 tablets a day means a lot of clapping! We are desperate for Lorcán to stay well and can’t imagine a future where CF means he isn’t able to run around laughing and having fun.

We are so grateful for those walking to raise money and to those who donate, thank you so much.

Beer of the Day

Definitely needed the strong ale!

spare beer 3