Leg 17 – 21st July

Starting at Bath and Ending at Wooton Under Edge

The Days Journey

Leg 17 – 22:5 miles 2600 feet


Oh my Tummy.

The day started as stated before with me feeling well not 100%, but hey no bother, it got worse as the day panned out and just became a trudge, but again no matter what , the route has to be done, not sure when Ali is here till but I would have hated today if she had not been here.
Don’t go telling her she will think I have gone all soft!
Watched Tim’s video boy that was a real moment, maybe I am finding who I am here but it was an emotional moment , so thanks for the effort Tim in making that video.
Then Garry W the sponsor – now don’t tell Garry this but without him Gail and others, Maria, Sue, Malc and Many others ( too many to mention) this event would still be half the size it is today.

OK – the walk, the first 1:9 mile out of Bath to the race course was brutal, over a thousand foot of climb before 8:15 in a morning, no wonder I started to go down hill!!!
Then an en route alteration : the road I had planned was way to fast and busy frightening in fact, so got onto the Costwold Way early, wow what a move, stunning just stunning, would love to do it all one day, but the goal is south to north.
If you ever get the chance to do the entire route then go for it.
We have also gone into another county South Gloucestershire, is that 4 now?
Lots of photos of churches Hall’s monuments and flowers all from the CWW hope you like them.
Feet up now not sure what we have done this week but it must be over 100 miles and 8000 foot. Maria!??????

Track of the day play it loud!

Onwards and to the toilet.

Our Sponsor for Today


Garry Wilkinson established GW Fitness & Rehab in 2010. An all round Athlete and one of the few to represent his County at all 3 disciplines on the Road, Fell and Cross Country. After qualifying as a Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist he set up GW Fitness & Rehab, treating Sports Injuries and offering Rehabilitation and Training Advice together with Maintenance and Prevention Sports Massage

Todays Leg is Dedicated to:

Tim Wotton

Tim is an inspiration for of a lot of CF sufferers – see the message he has sent to Steve below along with the link here to a book he has written. For more information and links to Tim’s blog please visit https://timwotton.wordpress.com/

Tim’s supporting video – YouTube link

Beer of the Day

More cider!