Leg 22 – 29th July

Starting at Stourport and Ending at Seisdon

The Days Journey

Leg 22…..21 miles 1780 feet.
Down came the rain.
We had forgot what rain was like but oh, my Lord, we were reminded today, bad night as the camp site was very loud, normally I rant and rave about how the kids kept us and Malc up to silly o’clock and how they had music playing loud till after 11 pm, but I just put some classical music on about 10 pm and drifted off, no point getting upset.

The rain started about 4 am banging on the roof you try to ignore it but at 5 I gave up and made a brew.
Not a massive amount to report today, we got up walked, we have now finished for the day, a few pints then bed.
We left the Severn Way today after being on it since well TBH can’t remember but it feels like a hundred miles or so, wish I could be more enthusiastic about the way but it just …….went.
We saw some wood carvings, 10am brew was from a bus stop, that’s about it really!

Entered another county, then saw a sign for Wolverhampton 9 miles!! Good lord that means we are above Birmingham, how the hell did we do that?

A very good mate of mine came up with a fantastic idea last night, he asked for the track of the day of his choice he then offers to donate money for his track, ( well it can’t be all my music) so he donated £5 and his choice of track, anybody else fancy a go at that? any track of your choice just send the donation the info on the EDH page and I will do the rest!

Fitz track of the day

So who fancy’s what to be played….. anything will do, even Proclaimers !!!!!

Our Sponsor for Today


Courtesy of Justin Birtwistle one of our Running4CF members. Lomax Couplers is a manufacturer of high quality machined parts and components for the most demanding industry sectors including Oil and Gas, Process Engineering and Aerospace.

Todays Leg is Dedicated to:

Amélie McIntyre

“Hope that the weather isn’t dampening spirits too much today! Just thought I’d send a couple of photos of Amélie celebrating finishing her Pseudomonas treatment (her syringe boxes were as tall as her) and having her final nebuliser at the hospital to check it had gone in December.

We have 5 weeks to go until she’s officially clear.

Pseudomonas is quite serious for a CF sufferer and because Amélie looks healthy people, don’t always realise how much of a worry it is for parents; the phone call to say she’d grown it last year was so crushing for us.

On the day you are dedicating to Amélie (13th August) we are going to organise a Toddle4CF and will hopefully get others involved, I’ll send you all the details as soon as I have them.

It’s clinic day for us tomorrow and hopefully our last ‘growers clinic’ for now at least”

Beer of the Day

A few pints before bed!