Leg 24 – 31st July

Starting at Rugeley and Ending at Ashbourne

The Days Journey

Leg 23 & 24 ….48 miles 2200 feet
Niggles that slow you down.
Over the last few days the intensity of the previous weeks are starting to tell, two muscle problems one on each leg are starting to tell. I manage them best I can, but at best it’s uncomfortable, at worst, well, let’s not go there.

I was feeling down yesterday in mood, but have been fine today so it’s not my mind that is playing up more over this 54 year old frame!

Today has seen us arrive in Ashbourne it looks lovely but we don’t get to see much a few beers before and we are off again in the morning, but today we were joined by some old friends which lifted us no end and we chatted for ages. hIave known Dale and Denise for over ten years I was fortunate enough to be on Denise’s BGR Oh Happy fell running days, so their chats lifted the day.
I also enclose a couple of photos of Dennis, dennis and his mate we met just out side Codsall. 2 years ago they took over a waste ground that now houses loads and loads of allotments, he gained lottery funding for toilets and grow tents….. not every man and woman who does great things stands on the steps of number 10 Downing Street.

I understand Leg 31 is Full which is wonderful, I really can’t wait to see everyone.
The last few full days have seen this blog drop a bit , all being well I will improve ( or some may say worsen) it over the next few days.

Dale and Den have donated £50 for this track
It is an all time Northern soul classic.
Three others have donated a track will get it in some order over the next day or so.

Our Sponsor for Today


Their business philosophy is simple – not to be the biggest but to be the regions premier accountancy practice and to add value by working proactively with their range of client businesses throughout East and North Lancashire, North Yorkshire, Craven and the Lune valley through regional offices.

Todays Leg is Dedicated to:

Everyone walking Leg 31

We don’t have a dedication today but Liam McHugh who is an ambassador for The Cystic Fibrosis Trust and who’s daughter Rachel was our dedication on Leg 2 sent this message for Leg 31 a while ago but as it’s fast approaching I thought would be good time to share it…..thanks so much for your support Liam.

Samantha and I have hit the Big 50 and feel happy and healthy and looking forward to walking the distance (but for info we won’t be doing 60k in a decade from now 😬) Gx

Beer of the Day

Timothy Taylors, Landord……mmmmmm…….