Leg 27 – 4th August

Starting at Bamford and Ending at Dunford Bridge

The Days Journey

Leg 27 18.5 miles 2000 feet
After a so called rest day, 5:30 this morning the alarm went off, so here we go again!
Let’s start with the rest day, I have had two niggle’s one is a little thigh strain which I am not over worried about, the other is a little more worrying, having fantastic care from Denise Park who is giving care FOC and we will, well, just have to see how we can manage it.

It is just a case of over use and fatigue, if we could take a week or so off , then I am sure all would be a little better but we can’t afford that sort of luxury so it’s man up and get going, won’t mention it again unless I have to.

Today saw us and I say us as Lamb is back walking with me which is just wonderful and I miss her when she is not walking with me ( well somebody needs to ensure I don’t have a lunch time pint) so a quick blast out of Bamford had us beside lady bower res for a lovely walk into high peak country, the ground is turning more to what we are used to ie like round Pendle, it’s great to see sights you know in the distance as well.

One thing I have admitted to myself , is this walk is far tougher than I had imagined it to be . The constant high mileage is very hard and I am having to draw on all reserves, I suppose a bit like a CF patient, but I have choices and when complete , I can ,fingers crossed look back . A CF patient can’t, for them it’s not just a summer it’s a lifetime.
Today Mr Paul Richardson has the DJ Mike
Ps I have now been given a Tracker from CFT, apparently it was lost, oh the irony.
Forgot to charge it to day but I suppose I better had tonight, just don’t like the idea of big brother watching (or you lot seeing that I am in a pub):-)

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Todays Leg is Dedicated to:

Everyone who is helping

Huge thanks to Denise Park Physiotherapy Clinic for looking after Steve and Alizon is proving to be his rock….it’s plain to see he can’t do this alone….so from us THANKYOU for all your support. This time next week 132 of you will be Walking4cf and joining Steve on the @Walk/Run4CF Dales Way 22/50K Ultra raising awareness and funds for Cystic Fibrosis…….it’s All Going on

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Leg 27 – 4th August