Leg 28 – 5th August

Starting at Dunford Bridge and Ending at Blackstone Edge

The Days Journey

Leg 28…..on paper 18.5 done 22.5 miles 2500 feet.
We did extra miles. Lamb got us lost, I had a strop, took the map then proceeded to get us really lost by over 3 miles extra….. serves me right. I just thought the way to go was right but it was wrong. Serves me right! 4 9 3 11
Got back Home jumped in shower while Lamb went pub, I went again to see Denise Park. Denise has been a true angel, she left a party to come and see me, booked again for Tuesday, as she says if we don’t sort it it will not let you continue. So unlike the above stubbornness, I will listen. I tried again to ask if I could pay she just won’t let me in fact at one point she squeezed a little harder, I won’t do that again.

One of the photos posted is probably the best photo I have ever taken, never have I felt so warm by the pure wording posted on the sign
Gods county.
We were on the pennine way, I have never been a lover of the way as it’s populated by a lot of walkers who will only travel the exact route no matter what, and they don’t just step off the path for half a mile or so to really see what the area has to offer, but that’s just me I suppose. Today was an exception we met and chatted to some lovely folk and the weather was beautiful, well as it always is in god’s county.

Only a few days now until Leg 31, I will have gone past 31 by Saturday but will be coming back, as would not miss it for the world.
Today’s blaster of a track is chosen by Mr Mark Fitzpatrick…… this is Marks 4th track not sure if I have played them all but sure He will let me know if I have missed any.
Mark had donated over £400 to this cause so has my respect.


Our Sponsor for Today


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Todays Leg is Dedicated to:

Charlie Foster

Charlie’s mum Michelle sent us this photograph and message …..

I would like to dedicate a day to my little boy Charlie because he just amazes me every day at how well he just gets on with everything to do with CF. His strength and courage is amazing too.

Obviously he has his off days where he says he hates having CF, luckily those days don’t happen too often and because of him I’ve become a keen fundraiser for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, I need to help them find a cure as Charlie and all CF sufferer’s deserve to live a life unlimited.

Beer of the Day

Leg 28 – 5th August