Leg 29 – 6th August

Starting at Blackstone Edge and Ending at Stanbury

The Days Journey

Leg 29 16:5 miles 2500 feet
Time to rethink.

Being dropped at Blackstone Edge at 8 am is not the most pleasant of things, but my mind drifted back to last night, it was late when I sat down and managed to look at the FB site and I saw young Charlie Foster. Upon reading Charlie’s story, I contacted his Mum to just find a little more detail. Often I have wondered how we are brought into the CF community, whether it be through a family member or a friend or just because you feel it is the right thing for you to try and help with.
Michelle had no idea about CF just like me TBH but, part of Michelle’s reply “ Charlie is our third child we have two daughters aged 18 &21 we found out he had CF at 3 weeks after the heel prick test, it was a total shock, I thought he had a milk intolerance As he was constantly pooing after each feed, didn’t think it was CF for a millisecond.

It was the worst day ever, when we found out.

He had his first hospital admin at 3 months old, that was distressing.

Charlie is doing amazing when people look at him they say you wouldn’t think he has anything wrong with him, I reply that’s all because CF is all on the inside.”
What can I say? A big daft bloke from Lancashire what can I add to that above ….. nothing, but I tell you what what I can do, we can carry on. We can let people know about Charlie. We can tell his story and the thousands of story’s like Charlie’s. Because Charlie and every CFer deserves the chance to have a life unlimited. My time with you on this walk is limited , a CFer has CF for life.

No matter what you feel, no matter what you think, this illness is real and I, for one, won’t stop until it has a better outlook. It may not be in my lifetime, but us, as a group, are doing so much good work… so well done you all xxx

Today’s track is from me dedicated to all of you, for all the Charlie’s in this world.

Unfortunately, due unforeseen circumstances, MALCOLM will not be with us past Stavley, so thanks to Malc for his help & efforts.
Onwards & upwards.

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Todays Leg is Dedicated to:

All those living with CF

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Leg 29 – 6th August