Leg 3 – 3rd July

Starting at Gwithian and Ending at Holywell

The Days Journey

Day 3 what a day! Now up to 3 blisters….. but what an adventure.

We dropped into Portreath when we were grabbed by a lady, Neave Noone. What a lady came from Langho, moved down years ago. The lady took us to every shop, she stopped the painters and we ended up in a Yoga class. We gave out loads of cards and got loads of money….. and talked and talked about CF; it slowed us but worth it… Tough day – over 20 miles and 2500 feet in heat.
Met so many people today who were really supportive..
This is going to be life changing
Onwards and upwards

Todays video

Todays stats:

Total – 20.1 miles

Climb – 2500 feet

Time walked – 9 hours

Avg speed 2.1 fastest 5.5

It was brutal!


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