Leg 33 – 9th August

Starting at Sedburgh and Ending at Steveley

The Days Journey

Leg 33 13:5 miles 1495 feet.

When the sky’s are dark, and all around is making you feel blue all you have to do is………..
Get the jet boil out and get some super noodles on the go! Food – it’s got to brighten any mood.

Oh and have a grand son who sends special Super Dash Powers from the incredibles to help you out, what more could I wish for?

I had the unfortunate misfortune to come across some news today.

A Tory political person is being demanded to be thrown out then others are demanding he is kept in.
A family were thrown off a plane for a crying baby.

Peter Andre has completed a new house.

Saturday Night Take Away will not return next year with Ant or Dec.

Some guy knifed another guy during a fit of road rage?

With all this news I got a little bit well like ….I never want to hear the news again, why? well I have a little news of my own.
Today’s Leg was very quiet, not many people about as we are coming to the end of the Dales Way so it’s not a popular path, so the passing on of CF info and the tin takings were low to non existent by 12 noon when we decided to get the jet boil out and cook up some noodles.  We commented that we had no chance to chat to anybody today about what we are doing nor have we any donations , finishing up I thought ‘oh well let’s see how we finish the day!’

I have learnt over the past 6 weeks not to expect the expected but to enjoy the adventure.

We then hit a road not more than 1 mile where Garry and Gail (to our surprise and a wonderful one at that) were picking us up when a guy who must have been in his early seventies, riding along on a push bike stopped started talking to us with genuine interest so I gave him all the info and he was already pulling his wallet out, in the note went, we said our good byes and off he went.

As soon as I got home I shot down to my Physio, (god Denise put me through it tonight) and as soon as I walked in she said here – I looked down and there were two notes she said ‘one is from my Mum the other one is from Anna’… this sort of took me back a little, people, who we have never met, but hear what we as a team are doing they reach out put money into a pot, help out with skill or just help any way they can; they do not do these deeds for want of return, they do these because they are just nice people who want to help.
Surely to god that is the best news we could ever wish for on any day.

We about face on Saturday and come South to see all the wonderful people who are doing Leg 31. We will try and thank each and every one of you for making the effort and making a difference to what this team is trying to do.
Garry I know has sent all the info out but it’s very important you read and understand that if the kit list says you must have something then please you must – it’s for everybody’s protection.
Steve and the Team

Today’s track for a special friend Celia Wild

Our Sponsor for Today

Leg 33 – 9th August

Leg 33 Sedburgh to Steveley is very kindly sponsored by Prima Capital Ltd. Based in Blackburn, Prima Capital are investors in good businesses with the potential to become even more successful, and are currently looking for acquisitions to further strengthen their portfolio....Prima are located at Veritas House, Sett End Road North, Blackburn, England, BB12PT..... Thanks so much to them for their sponsorship today - we wouldn't be where we are with our fundraising for this epic challenge if it wasn't for the generosity of companies and people like them. A rest day tomorrow for Steve before Leg 31 where he gets to join over 130 of us who can't wait to join in - putting one foot in front of the other raising awareness and funds for The Cystic Fibrosis Trust...good times!

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Leg 33 – 9th August