Leg 34 – 13th August

Starting at Staveley and Ending at Langdale

The Days Journey

Leg 34 20.3 miles ( extra from Burnside) 1000 feet of climb.
After the Lord Mayor’s show.

Today was always going to be difficult. After the fantastic showing from all at Leg 31 I was prepared for being a little flat.

Ali could not be with me until 1pm as she had to move Motorhome today but managed to walk to meet me as Sam can’t get here till 9 tonight….. Sam did Leg 31 on Saturday and met Garry so we at least know what he looks like, but I was a little surprised at the speed that Lamb said yes he can have the gig. I was pleased with his credentials, 25 year old, so not a Pr£&k at Uni, 6 foot blonde hair also ex life Guard, so if I have water problems, Sam should be able to help. Lamb said she would show him how things work, so all should be ok.
I will post a picture so you can see how useful he will be to the team.
Back to the Lord Mayor thingy, as soon as I hit the hill just before Windermere the clouds lifted, the sun shone and for the next few hours the views …..well just took your breath away. I have been lucky and traveled to many places in the world, but never have I seen such beauty as the Langdale Valley, so I sit now having a few pints of Tirill looking out at the hills; to me is heaven, just heaven nothing …..no amount of money or luck can surpass this view we are having (last photo).
Massive thanks to everybody who made Leg 31 happen. When I planned the route out, I never in my wildest dreams pictured so many smiling faces, so well done everybody for making it happen.
Just a fantastic track of the day – so sad we lost such a talent.

Our Sponsor for Today

Leg 34 – 13th August

Northern Jacks are are a UK company, located in Accrington at Station Works Market St, Church, BB5 0DP and are wholesalers of hydraulic equipment. Andrew Payne of Northern Jacks is a Running4CF member - and, as ever, we are very grateful for the sponsorship and support of Steve's LEJOG challenge.

Todays Leg is Dedicated to:

Amélie McIntyre

The message below is from Amélie’s mum, Natasha.

I just wanted to share my thanks for what you’re doing at the moment and wish you well on your way.
This is our daughter, Amélie. She was diagnosed with CF at three and a half weeks old, which came as a total shock to our family, as we weren’t aware that we were carriers. Amélie’s daddy had never really heard of CF and my experience was my school-friend, Vic, who was a CF sufferer (she died aged 23). I remember her having a vast array of tablets to take at school and often attending with an iv in her hand. Thankfully, treatment has moved on and Amélie has been relatively healthy, although she developed pseudomonas three days before her brother was born and two weeks after her 2nd birthday.

It’s been a tough year but I’m inspired by Amélie’s bravery every day. We now have 2 months until the all clear of pseudomonas, fingers crossed! Once again, good luck with your walk and thank you for raising money for a most worthy cause.

Since Natasha wrote this she has been in touch and Amélie has been given the all clear from pseudomonas – fabulous news.

Also today in recognition of the dedication Natasha has organised a Toddle4CF event – just such a lovely idea, and we will hopefully share some photographs and an update of how it went in a day or 2.

Beer of the Day

Tirril – Grasmere Gold