Leg 35 – 14th August

Starting at Langdale and Ending at Keswick

The Days Journey

Leg 35 16.8 miles 1750 feet
The Eye of the Tiger.

After a good nights sleep, which is so important, the alarm at 5:45 was welcome. We got away as early as could, as we knew the climb at the end of the valley was going to be tough, but we had not counted on the previous 600 miles getting us into shape, so we blasted up the hill.

I suppose I started this adventure with a vast amount of well, lack of confidence and I suppose every mile we do I gain a little more, don’t get me wrong, at no point have I every thought of John O’Groats the end ever, don’t think I will until last leg, but hey that’s just me.
No place on Earth is as beautiful as the Lakes, to me, it has it all, winter or summer the views are just stunning. I find the people grand and just so chilled, today’s leg from Langdale was just stunning , to see the cloud sat on the tops is so special.
We cracked on over Stake Pass down to Langstrath valley at the end of the Valley well blow me!!!! We heard a voice behind us, I turned ready to fight and it was Garry W what a wonderful sight and such a surprise, he had driven up with Malc to see us!
Stuff like that just spurs you on ( thank god we did not catch Bus) so good to see them.

They can now see how we crack on, we are starting to develop the grunt, you know that inner “you know what no matter what happens we go north” or the eye of the tiger.
I can smell the border of England and Scotland, God, just imagine if we can get over the border all of us will have done lands end to Scotland how bloody good will that be ?????

Onwards and upwards.

Track of the day a little bit different this one, but we went to watch this band in Manchester as a 50 year anniversary tour loved it.
Then when Thomas was born I even sang this to him one day while he was in his hospital bed (don’t tell anybody) some use this song as a political stance, for me it’s just music, life really is to short to be up in arms about a song.

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