Leg 36 – 15th August

Starting at Keswick and Ending at Caldbeck

The Days Journey

Leg 36 God how have we come to nearly the end of England?
15 miles 4000 feet.

The seat is at the top of High Pike, the inscription as follows.

“He is a portion of that lovliness that once he made more lovely”

Strong words wish I could pen something like that.

As we trundle on the sight that greeted us today from the top of High Pike 658m the highest point for us in England on this walk, albeit through the cloud I think I could see Carlisle!

Shortly after that we cross the border into Tartan land. I understand it’s not a Beer place ie no hand pulled cask but we will try our best to find some. It means we are into the final country of this adventure. OK, OK,  we are only doing two countries but it’s still the last one!
We have only seen two people all day which to me is a worry as no people means no info passed on or donations made. I feel the next busy place will be the Highland Way, but that’s a few hundred miles off I think…… Let’s keep it at a day at a time though.. not much to say today, sorry.
All is good, we just keep going.

Track of the day again by me, come on guys send us some tunes up to date would be fantastic?

Our Sponsor for Today


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Todays Leg is Dedicated to:

Natasha McIntyre, mum of Amélie

See the fabulous article on the Toddle4cf we mentioned yesterday – many thanks to mum of Amélie, Natasha McIntyre, who Steve dedicated Leg 35 to, for organising the event and for mentioning Walking4CF!



Beer of the Day

Leg 36 – 15th August