Leg 37 – 16th August

Starting at Caldbeck and Ending at Carlisle Green

The Days Journey

Leg 37 18 miles 500 foot but it felt flat In many ways after the grandeur of the Lakes !!

As soon as you hit the end leg of the Cumbrian way to me it is the most boring cycle track known to man/woman.

So I have tried to brighten up our eve with listening to some of the tracks you have sent through, as we have no TV ( I love it) we have been reverting back to listening to some real music from the Pistols to ……well every type of band!!


Another exciting thing that happened today, I have some new shoes!

One more thing, at one point today my hair, as it’s now like a mane, I said to Lamb why don’t I get a hair band? At which point she turned , looked at me and said “at times, Ram, you’re a Knob”
I can’t help but agree at times, see, how bored are we today ?

Hope you enjoy some of the tracks and a special little video that I know some members of the running club will really enjoy??



For Garry xx

For Gail xx





Onwards and slowly upwards

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Todays Leg is Dedicated to:

Jenson James

Jenson’s mum, Jessica, sent us this lovely message….

I really don’t give my big lad enough credit. The amount of vile medicines he has to have every day, antibiotics, enzymes, vitamins and then on top of the meds he does his physio, whether it be physical patting on his lungs or breathing exercises into a tube. He’s done it from day one and I’ve never had to fight him (except sometimes for physio!) He just takes it all in his stride.

If there was one thing I was put on this earth for it was to look after this little boy of mine, he amazes me every day the amount of energy he has for a child with his condition. He’s had to fight and will do every day of his life but I know one thing, he will not be beaten, especially with his mamma by his side.

I’ll do everything in my power to make sure of that! I pray that one day we’ll wake up to news there’s a cure, until then all we can do is HOPE! Don’t know where I would honestly be without my little Jenson James, he makes me as strong as I am! The first picture is when he was really poorly in the beginning and the second picture is him now, he’s come on leaps and bounds!”

Beer of the Day

Leg 37 – 16th August