Leg 38 – 17th August

Starting at Carlisle Green and Ending at Newcastleon

The Days Journey

Leg 38 20.6 Miles 1575 feet
Can’t believe as a group we have come so far and done so much.

Special day for us all today, we have crossed the river that is the border to Scotland as a mark of the outstanding achievement we have and I say we as everybody who is on this journey has contributed to the walk., we have created a special video that I feel is representative of the special bond that is between our two countries.
I hope you enjoy.


Lots of other stuff to tell you,

the Clarets are still in Europe.
Injuries are holding up as being managed.
But today is about the border crossing.

Lighting By Lamb
Film shoot by Lamb
Editor By Lamb
Director By Lamb
Make up Lamb
Cultural investigation by Ram
Acting by Ram
Wardrobe by Ram
Location by Ram
Music some old Scottish Bloke

Off to a wedding in Edinburgh this weekend so it’s a welcome break looking forward to the next section of this wonderful event.

Massive thanks today to Manhar Patel who has donated a great amount to this event in time effort and Money; his money has given him the chance to decided this track…..
Which is an absolute Belter
Have a fantastic weekend

Our Sponsor for Today


Today is sponsored by Goodwin Smith Shoes courtesy of our Running4CF members Steve and Claire Smith whose business Hollands Country Clothing is based in Bacup Goodwin Smith all began — as many great things do — outside a pub less than a mile down the road from where their HQ is today. Two rival shoemakers stood face-to-face arguing about which one of them could make the better shoe – Ernie Goodwin or Walter Smith. The brand’s logo is a stag’s head, as the stag is a symbol of the Rossendale Valley. With product names like Newchurch Brown and Hargreaves Black, inspired by the local area, Goodwin Smith is a heritage brand that harks back to the truly British tradition of quality shoemaking.

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Leg 38 – 17th August