Leg 39 – 20th August

Starting at Newcastleon and Ending at Hawick

The Days Journey

Leg 39 21.25 miles 2100 feet

Welcome back Steve!
And you thought you I was the only mad one!

I feel the walk has its own agenda, if you leave it for a day or so then come back to it, I now get the feeling it says “ how dare you disrespect me and leave me? So here, have this twenty odd miles and a few thousand feet and for a little more fun 18 miles its mostly on tarmac”
So after a weekend off , (yes that’s two full days) we hit the road, felt good and strong and kept the average speed high.

The Weekend off……now then, I had a problem with my phone charger so while going to the wedding, we searched for the Apple shop, Princes Street bingo! Or so I thought, after walking so many miles with no real hindrance, being on a Main Street with thousands of people walking slower than a slow thing on a really slow day I felt so trapped so enclosed it was a real shock to be surrounded by so many people, I could not get away quick enough.

The reason for the weekend off (yes two full days) was to attend the wedding of Dawn and Stuart Holt, Lambs Brother. It was fantastic to be with family and really enjoyed the evening, although a little tired, we managed to stay up till Midnight!!!!!!!
They both made a real effort; we were pulled up to the stage and announced to the whole room. I did not make a speech ( but I can guarantee i will in October) and Dawn, the Bride, even went round with a bucket to every table raising £150…. the more we do this the more I realise how bloody nice people who you don’t know are…..I have said it before, we see so much bad in this world but we should concentrate on the good.

So, tonight against my better music mind, it’s Dawns Track. I promise I will dance, till the end of the track.
Lastly I have been dying to meet another somebody else who is as daft as me, well I can now say I have done… A Dutch guy who is walking LEJOG I will dog him later for his reason why.
He was a little surprised at my …..well exuberance, I have that sort of full on thing. I show too much too early but hey I would rather let you know who I am. But for tonight it’s not just me folks, I am not the only mad one.
I will post tomorrow all about him!

Enjoy the track…….. I won’t, but Dawn will, which is cool.
Ps the lunch stop was the best ever, a few abandoned council plant items, a roller and a tarmac stripper, oh what joy!!

Oh dear forgot track!!




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Leg 39 – 20th August