Leg 4 – 5th July

Starting at Holywell and Ending at Mawgan Porth

The Days Journey

What a contrast of views, temperature and people…… the views of chaos of Newquay, then finding an old friend and from then on, business as normal.

Feet starting to have the realism that they must play ball or be left behind. No matter what happens in life when you start something like this it becomes like an obsession…. you become organized and selfish but the rewards so far are out of this world….

One more thing, when I die I would like a bench like Steve has, God rest his soul.

Today’s stats:

Distance walked -11.2 miles

Height gain – 1650 feet

Time on feet – 4 hours 50 mins

Average speed 2.6mph, fastest speed 6.1mph



Today’s music track – YouTube link

The support from sponsors is amazing and has already taken the total up to over £11,000 – the generosity of people really is humbling and I know on the tough days the support will keep Steve motoring on


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Todays Leg is Dedicated to:

Zona Barajas Armstrong

Today’s dedication is for Zona Barajas Armstrong …here’s Zona’s mum, Ariyan’s, tribute to her daughter….

I’d like to dedicate a day to my daughter Zona. Zona was a healthy CF child until about 2 years ago when she got pseudomonas, then aspergillosis and last November started treatment for non-Tuberculosis micro bacteria.

Zona needs regular hospital admissions to keep the infections controlled and has spent two run ups to Christmas in hospital; Christmas 2016 we got home late Christmas Eve and Christmas 2017 we got home on the 20th of Dec, after a three week admission.
The treatment for Non-Tuberculosis is really hard on Zona and leaves her feeling really sick.
Since December 2017 she has been admitted into hospital 3 times, spending a total of six weeks in hospital, yet she never complains. She has a lung function of 78% and her treatment consists of 6 nebulisers, 3 physios and she has to take 30 pills daily.
Due to non-Tuberculosis micro bacteria she’s no longer advised to take risks like paddling in lakes, going on water rides at the amusement parks, or water parks.
Zona doesn’t talk about her CF but loves doing charity events to help raise money for The Cystic Fibrosis Trust. She stays humble and I’m so proud of her for not letting her CF bring her down…. when she gets sad she tells me “mom, do you know what I do when I’m sad? I watch videos of other people’s conditions and remind myself how lucky I am ”

One day she hopes to be a nurse or a doctor so she can be like her heroes at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Belfast where she attends.

Thank you so much for giving me a chance to tell Zonas CF journey. We wish Steve all the best and will follow his journey as well as keep Zona’s page updated on his adventure once he sets off .


Beer of the Day

Malvern Magic Cider – getting a taste for cider now.

Beer – leg 4