Leg 41 – 22 August

Starting at Oakwood Mill and Ending at Peebles

The Days Journey

Leg 41 18:2 miles 2000 feet

Why me……… why Fecking me

After a well let’s be polite crap nights sleep, where the only sleep i got from 2-30 onwards was at best 5 mins intervals at 530 Igave up and forgot about sleep while I concentrated on getting angry about everything and I mean everything.
The rain started as soon as the Motorhome door,opened ,that made me feel even worse. The first 6 miles of the walk we did 1500 feet I had the joy of walking with Rob-and his dogs till 10-30 but at our first stop the dogs got cold and he had to move on and you can bet your arse that did not improve anything, why me why do I have to do this walk, my feet hurt like hell and after a few miles and every step hurt. The pain from the screws that hold the plates in my leg is a dull pain from morning to night.
The rucksack is heavy so your shoulders feel compressed, I have to carry most of Lambs stuff as her back is bad …..why me ??
The rain was relentless , all sorts of things go through your head to avoid the pain to make it stop to just stop at times this torture I ended up hating me being angry with me as it was me who started this whole bloody thing……… after mile 8 or so we started to drop down out of the clag and out of the distance 4 women appeared . we stopped chatted , I gave them a card and felt a little better, why? Then the cloud started to lift that helped, we came across another two women just to say hello to, again a little brighter, we had a brew at a cafe Nashys Coffee house on the old railway, just outside of Peebles , then people put money in the pot and wished us luck, that helped more, then we landed in Peebles within the last 1/2 mile to the camp site a man came running across the road car sales man from the Honda Garage, I think his. Name was Chris but it all happened so fast his first words were “ I lost my friend to CF at 14 “ that sort of puts you on the back foot , he also said that he lost his best mates sister recently to CF and his best mates brother so many people lost to CF ….. WTF ?
On the last few hundred yards it dawned on me I need people to talk too to let them know about CF , I am no fecking Boffin but I can pass on info .I can let them talk , I can listen to the stories if they understand CF or have lost people to CF I become something I have never been which is bloody understanding.
We need people to talk to. All of you who read this blog probably know just as much as me about CF well tell somebody else. And see the surprise on their face when you tell them that 1 in 25 of us carry the Gene just try it.

I don’t know why me …. I bet I never do , but I just have to go through whatever is put before me to get to the end , then if we meet just one more person that I can pass Info to then my journey will be worthwhile.
Angers bad, but also can push you on when it’s easier to stop.

Emily my Daughter picked this track we have been on many a dance floor with this on all 4 of us, absolutely top track but it’s got to be played loud I am dancing round Motorhome home now getting rid of the anger ready to greet the next person we meet.

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Todays Leg is Dedicated to:

Ellie Dunstall

The inspiration behind today’s dedication is teaching assistant Ellie Dunstall who also wanted to educate the children on CF. See her video below which formed part of CF week organised by The Trust in July.




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