Leg 43 – West Linton to Livingstone

Starting at West Linton and Ending at Livingstone

The Days Journey

Leg 43 13:1 miles 1000 feet in climb
Remember why we do this.

First off ,my apologies for the lateness in post, the reason is we were contacted by Maria Reed who works behind the scenes for this event saying her and her husband Dave were in Edinburgh did we fancy a meet up ?
We agreed that we should not drink as we are both athletic types and our intense re-hydration program for the day would have to be carried out ,regardless of any sort of happiness . Correct hydration is essential to the next days walk, but as it’s a rest day we got battered and I could not see my phone never mind type anything.

Yesterday, I read the dedication with great respect for the lady, I never had the pleasure of meeting Laura but you can tell by the write up she was a wonderful person and she touched many people.
How cruel is this illness to take people so young . How cruel is CF to destroy and hurt so many people.
We should never forget people like Laura or any CFer ……they are the reason we fight …..the reason we do what we do . I have said it before ; the more people we inform about CF the more people will help find a cure and I won’t apologise for rabbiting on about it.
But as Nadia says in her write up about Laura “she lived every day to the Max”
Thanks for the write up Nadia and the reminder to me of why we do what we do.

So many dedications for so many wonderful people.

Track of the day I have even see them Live


Our Sponsor for Today


Leg 43 today sees Stephen and Alizon walking from West Linton to Livingston and is kindly sponsored by Fitzpatrick uk Ltd www.fitzpatricksuk.com Fitzpatrick’s offer a wide range of fabrication services predominantly in Stainless Steel / Mild Steel & Aluminium. They recently bought the first flatbed laser cutter of its kind in the UK; nearly twice as fast as existing laser cutting technology, their Mitsubishi laser cutting machine is looking like a game changer in the laser cutting industry. They supply steelwork across most sectors including Architectural fabrication both decorative & Structural, Aerospace support equipment & Oil and Gas Pipelaying equipment to name but a few. Their commitment to service and sincere approach has helped them to emerge as a leading metal fabricator in the UK . They have provided the metal work for displays in the British Museum and the V&A such is their reputation for producing beautiful & aesthetically pleasing pieces and then, on the other hand, produce Jigs and fixtures into the automotive industry where accuracy and reliability are the prime considerations. With regard to welding Fitzpatrick`s offers predominantly MIG welding & TIG Welding: Most of their engineers are coded in one or both on the 3 most popular materials: Mild Steel: Stainless Steel: Aluminium. They take their welding very seriously and spend a lot of time discussing welds. Where to put them what type and how big. Owner Mark Fitzpatrick is a former colleague of Steve’s and big supporter of the LEJOG challenge ...many thanks to them for their sponsorship (and to Mark also for his many choices for the track of the day!) This challenge is tough and the support is making it work - thank you

Todays Leg is Dedicated to:

Laura Irvine

Today’s dedication is for Laura Irvine – a beautiful young woman who sadly passed away in 2014. Laura’s cousin Nadia George sent us this lovely message…”

“In 2014 our families lives changed forever, we lost our beautiful Laura, my cousin, at the young age of 31. She was diagnosed with CF as a baby and numerous times we expected the worst after admissions to hospital but she never gave up and fought hard.
She was such an inspiration, there was only a year between us and she lived life to the full, I sat moaning about trivial stuff while she bravely fought on and lived each day to the max!
She missed out on so many nights out and family get together’s, but when she was there, she was the life and soul of every party.
I really can’t put into words what I thought of her and the many people that were lucky enough to have her in their lives. Her memory will live on forever and I will continue to raise as much as possible for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust .
This year I will be running the Great North Run with my cousin and my other cousins partner, we’ re not runners and never have been but we feel if she could go through what she did every day then this is the least we can do in her memory!
Good luck Grandad Steve with your journey, I’m sure you will make Thomas very proud.”

Laura’s family are having a party today to celebrate Nadia’s wedding so the date was special for them to dedicate to Laura too….a dedication like this makes CF very real and Steve’s challenge and the awareness it’s raising all the more important. Thank you so much for sharing your story and letting us celebrate Laura’s life with you – have a wonderful day and good luck in the Great North Run – we’ll certainly be cheering you on x

Beer of the Day

Leg 43 – West Linton to Livingstone