Leg 45 – 28th August

Starting at Falkirk Wheel and Ending at Strathbane

The Days Journey

Leg 45 22.5 miles 250 feet
Tap Room Tan

It’s been a while, Oh Lord, it’s been a while but at last we have found BEER.
Now I know in Gods county it’s everything and everywhere, but here in Scotland it’s not as popular well, popular is an understatement, it’s virtually unavailable; to the fact that even the good people of Falkirk say the dreaded word EH? What Ua Want? Er Cask ale please sir Na we don’t have any of that…..
Well now we have arrived at Strathblane or to be more accurate Blanefield we have found Beer and good Beer at that , God bless Hops, Yeast and water.
So glad to be out of the Falkirk region, the money has started dropping into the tub again and people are being well friendly, really sorry Falkirk but………
The distance of the last 2 days over 45 miles! has brought us to the West Highland Way one of the most popular walking routes/long distance tracks in the UK, somewhere, I have been waiting to get too, it will God willing eventually lead to Fort William which is the penultimate marker for me, the last being JOG.
So fingers crossed.
As a side, we have stayed in well over 45 campsites some good some well, crap….. this one is, well seems very different, I will give it a day or so then post about it, not something I have donebefore but I feel it’s worth a word or two.

OK, track of the day. I said to the person that I would not say anything, (as I know they read this so called Blog) about the fight they are having, but such is the fight and the fact that it’s life, I feel, I have to offer this person praise of the highest order. We all think we have bad stuff going on at times, well think again, this person has had a diagnosis that would make most weep and fall, then this person has had major life changing surgery, then after treatment that would be debilitating for most of us this person still keeps on fighting. I have known this person for a number of years, seen some good times and some heart wrenching moments that had me crying like a child but I hope and pray this person will pull through as at the age of around 40 it just seems so unfair .

I hope I have kept it impossible to identify this person but the track is one they have chosen.

So tonight when you go to bed, if praying is your thing, then please say a little prayer for a person, who does not deserve what they are having to go through, but you will come through it.

(Person you know we are thinking about you)

Me and lamb, have just danced holding each other round the Motorhome just for you xx


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Todays Leg is Dedicated to:

Sophie Holgate

Mum Andrea is a big supporter of both Walking4CF and Running4CF and works tirelessly, as all CF parents do, ensuring Sophie keeps well. Andrea sent us this message and lovely photo of Sophie with her dog Mist….

Living with Cystic Fibrosis is a daily challenge, which Sophie takes on. She is a fit 12 year old who is thriving at school in all aspects. She works hard in her lessons and loves PE.
She is a regular in the Lakes tree trekking on the high ropes course and loves to feel the freedom from the zip line at the end. She also really enjoys swimming, and her ambition is to swim a length underwater; she loves to cycle too! She embraces her life and loves everyday. Thank you Steven for doing this…… all us CF-ers are truly grateful to you and sending you good luck. The Holgates xx

Today is Sophie’s sister, Millie’s, birthday so especially wanted this date to be her dedication…..Happy Birthday to Millie from all at W4CF, take care and keep well Sophie, and stay strong Andrea – you do an amazing job x

Beer of the Day

We’ve found real beer!!!!!!