Leg 46 – 30 August

Starting at Strathblane and Ending at Cashel

The Days Journey

Leg 46 18.1 Miles 2050 feet of climb.

All around us has changed.

From what was well to be honest a bit boring where it was mile after mile after mile of canal then not a lot else, our whole landscape has opened up to reveal true mountain country.
I will let the photos say it far better then me.

Just a word or two about our last camp site, Ardoch House, now to be fair we are well within our rights to comment on various sites as we have stayed at loads of them some good, some down right terrible but the last two nights have been a joy, the owner could not do enough for us the breakfast was first class, if you ever want to do the Highland Way, then may I suggest you make this your first stop.

Just landed at our site by the shore of Loch Lomond just beautiful and a great welcome let’s hope it lives up to our first thoughts, am sure it will.
One of the pictures has Sam throwing Stones for his dog, sort of Poldark Esk so it’s one for the ladies, he has been a star a real star, but like all things it does not last forever we lose Sam on Sunday he has to hand in his draft disitation on Monday at Uni, not 100% sure what is happening next but I feel a visit from Mr Wilkinson may be fast approaching…….
Just think about this we have walked from Lands End and now we are at Loch Lomond !

Track of the day, nearly another but this just pipped it at the post so to say.


Our Sponsor for Today


This Leg has been kindly sponsored by Colin and Jean Burrows, who are Uncle and Aunt to Alizon ....very kind of them and shows the support from family and friends along with schools, pubs and clubs who have all stepped up to show how much they are behind what Steve and Alizon are doing - which has been just amazing alongside the sponsorship by local businesses. Steve is 75% through the challenge now ....I can't say just 15 legs left after today as it's still so many daily get ups and so much mental strength and determination to get through each leg..... keep going Steve - we're all behind you, thinking about you and rooting for you every day ..... Can you imagine what it's like to have CF? Have you ever done the straw challenge? Try it - hold your nose and try to breathe through a straw for 1 minute ....it isn't easy ...but it's a stark reminder of why it's important to keep raising awareness and funds for Cystic Fibrosis ...it's easy for most of us to take each breath for granted....when you have CF you can't ...

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Leg 46 – 30 August