Leg 51 – 5 September

Starting at Fort William and Ending at Laggan Lochs

The Days Journey

Leg 51 17.1 miles 1042 feet
Not getting excited

Mr Wilkinson who if you don’t know has been heavily involved in helping the whole event, popping in and out has an ability to stop me in my track at times . Hejust sends me various sayings that make me think .Sometimes the sayings are utter plop, but every now and then they are profound.

The other day he said don’t get excited, I really took this on board, so instead of running round like a cat on a hot tin roof I was up bright and early packed up ready to roll, to my surprise the Landlord and Landlady from the Red Pump Inn at Bashall Eaves turned up to walk with me, which was grand . I had geared myself up to walk alone something I don’t mind , but it was good to chat , in fact by the time we drew breath we were at 7 miles, then the above mentioned Mr Wilkinson turned up on his bike, Malc had agreed to collect us at the end it was just like old times, we ended up blasting on and had finished for 1:30 the temptation to carry on is strong as we are on the final section but just for clarity and for a few that feel we are almost at John O’Groats……. we still as of this morning had 203 miles to go!
So I suppose the words don’t get excited that Garry gave me were right , he must be a wise old Owl ?
Remember I always try and say we, as we, are all involved in this journey I could not do it with out Garry or Gail or Lamb or well, every other person who is involved or has messaged me or just said hello, it’s all about the team.
Track of the day chosen from a lady in ………..Singapore !!!!!!

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Todays Leg is Dedicated to:

Rebecca Pickles

Rebecca’s dad Ian says these words:

Rebecca is now 19 and is responsible for her own treatment and medication. She is to start her second year at University in September. She plays hockey for the University team, enjoys park runs and ran the Fleetwood 10K last April raising money for CF. She’s working part time which subsidies her social nights out.
She sometimes coughs herself to sleep but has never complained. (I can hear her coughing now). Rebecca is pushing herself to enjoy life. She is a credit to all, both with and without CF. Well done girl.

Her Dad.”

Carry on living and loving life Rebecca …we are all in admiration of those of you who battle this cruel condition everyday without complaint…Steve is walking this leg for you x

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Leg 51 – 5 September