Leg 54 – 8th September

Starting at DRUMNDROCHIT and Ending at BEAULY WESTER

The Days Journey

Leg 54 say it out loud LEG 54 18.1 miles 1811 feet.
It’s not Everest but it feels like it.

I have never been up Everest nor would I want to, but this feels just as tough.

From about 2 miles in I just felt very alone, it was like a cloud gathering behind me, then it engulfed me with darkness, in have no idea why I feel alone, I woke Happy enough and ready to get going, I knew then guys wanted to get away so I set the alarm for a little earlier, about half way round Lamb face timed me and I was in a right state, I am trying to work out why I feel low, I have come to the conclusion that it’s fatigue, (well I can’t be pregnant) so it must be fatigue, (doctor Ram) my body, is well let’s say not as good as new, I’ve lost feeling in two of my toes the back of the right knee is just a mess the shin is holding up so I have to be thankful for that my head is ok apart from the above, the annoying thing is I have no reason to feel like this?

If some are thinking what a prick well I’m sorry, I have tried to be honest all the way through this blog and it’s how it is.

Today on paper it was an easy day some 14 miles but the route started a mile from the camp site, then I had the wonder idea, I saw a sign saying cafe! Hmmmmm I thought I have no Marmite Cheese left I feel crap, so why not treat myself I went off route to this cafe trouble is it was fecking miles out of my route! Me and my ideas!
Made a new friend in a name of Hamish the cat he only wanted me for food but I will take that attention today.
Gaz and Malc are down the road Home it was good to see them, they even left me a pressie in the Van and some sayings, which I know seem daft but they really help oh and a beer and cake which always helps.

Meet Hamish the wild cat and Hamish the green thing! On the photos.

I understand people will think we are nearly there, but I am not in that place yet, so what next, well we get some rest, food & sleep and we go again, no matter what, no matter how tough, no matter how we feel we don’t ever fecking give up, never.

Two tracks of the day guitars being played hard.



Onwards and you know what

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Leg 54 – 8th September