Leg 55 – 9th September

Starting at Beauly Wester and Ending at Dingwall

The Days Journey

Leg 55 17.9 miles 1214 feet
Give your head a wobble Ram

Well who would have thought it, it’s going to be difficult, there will be days when you find it really tough, it won’t be all plain sailing, it won’t be over till the end, just concentrate on the moment, don’t look to far ahead, one day at a time, if it was easy everybody would do it.
It’s not for one it’s for every CFER, how can you sit on your arse while people are fighting for their life barely being able to breathe.
All things I repeat time and time again, sometimes we just don’t listen to our selves, yesterday I had that strange man illness called ‘not listening’. Ears are all open now.

I could not wait to get going this morning; I was like a child busting to get down stairs on Christmas morning, sure in the fact that Santa had come, yes the big man himself Father Christmas had been down my Chimney and left us things we could only dream off!!!!!!!
Ok so today’s walk was, well, boring it was tarmac it was uneventful…….. buts that’s just it, it wasn’t, it was just wonderful it took us 20 odd k closer to the end, we now have, get this, only fecking 6 days to walk. What am I going to do er er er er I will compile a list! Walking won’t be on it.
First off I must apologize to Mr Wilkinson and Malc.
Sorry guys.
I have told a little lie, but let me explain why. I was concerned that you have done enough, Gaz you have a young family, Malc you are retired you don’t want to be in the back of a van, so I took the call and said that one of my work colleagues was coming up to look after me till Tuesday when Sam returns ( Lamb is gutted she is not here). So sorry, I am walking the legs, getting back to van via various means moving it and getting ready for next day, it’s only for a few days or so; please don’t be mad at me, it makes it a tougher but the results for all are better.

The first photo you can see is of Dingwall, a Scottish town of no real ground breaking importance it’s nice, clean; the mighty Ross county play here but it’s by the Sea! But it’s not just any old sea, it’s the sea on the north eastern side of the UK. That’s some Claim to fame to me as it’s some 110 miles from ssshhhhh,  John O’Groats

Two tracks of the day need to get them in
Track chosen by Maureen from today’s dedicated story

And I thought I would throw this cheeky one in, It was a toss up between Pulp disco 2000 but this just popped it as the video in my mind is better…. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zc8hbSM1zVo

6 days left guys, for us men that’s nearly on one hand. Question for you have you got your tickets for the end of do ball? From what I hear we have sold 200 number and running out fast!

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Todays Leg is Dedicated to:

Alicia Day

Our dedication for Leg 55 is the lovely Alicia …her grandmother Maureen Day sent us this message and fabulous picture ….

“I’ve just donated to your page Steve and am following you on FB. My granddaughter Alicia is a CF fighter.

She is doing well at present but has had numerous admissions to hospital from the age of three – she is 11 now starts big school in September. She has the voice of an angel and is very feisty. She sang to Simon Cowell as her Wish upon a Star charity treat when she was 9. She swims like a fish and her folks take care that she keeps fit taking her to the gym.

You’re a young granddad – I’m an old grandma and I so want a cure before I leave. I raise funds by selling jam and pickles at galas and fetes etc. I love her to bits and it hurts me to think about what’s up front for her if things don’t get moving on the research front.

On a lighter note hope the blisters are healing and just think about how fit you will be at the end of your journey. Take care and good luck Steve – to your team too.xx”

Maureen sent us this lovely picture of Alicia with a new elfin hair do at her end of school party….keep being a fighter Alicia and I know Steve will be thinking about you and all those with CF as he walks this Leg and focuses on completing his epic journey.


Beer of the Day

Leg 55 – 9th September