Leg 56 – 10th September

Starting at Dingwall and Ending at Tain

The Days Journey

Leg 56 23.9 miles 1070 feet

It’s a long long long long long road
Or in French “Dave Ja Vue” Mange tout mange tout…

When oh when will men ever learn or, should I say  when oh when will Ram ever learn….. I will come back to that.
Set off time 7:02 I was keen to get going, the train back from Tain was 15:46 so best foot forward was the plan, now plans are great as long as you don’t try a few tweaks, remember the first week we set off all those miles ago I decided two days before setting off on this mammoth challenge to play golf in my new golf shoes??? The result blisters.

Well I did not play golf yesterday but at about 6:45 this morning when well to be honest I am not at my optimum operating excellence well, in fact scratching bits is about my level, ok those amongst you now going, oh how, did you do something so silly, well come on how really good are you first thing in the morning, a famous actor made a quote about morning people but I can’t for the life of me remember it.
Ok back, to it well I decided to put extra insoles into my shoes, just to try and nullify the pain from the base of my foot……. eureka it worked…. well it worked for about 5 miles then the knowing pain of hot spots appeared on my left foot, not to be out done and feeling a little like a spoilt school child that had been left out of a game the right foot kicked off straight away, now my feet or at this moment in time Er Er Er how do I put this in a politically correct manner, I know, I can’t, so doctor Rams diagnosis is that they are Fecked.
It takes a little time for them to work out that something else is wrong, in fact I feel they have got a mind of their own and they say ok let’s not tell big bloke up there that we have an other issue let’s just wait!! I can picture little gremlins in my feet laughing.
All of above means I now have two cracking blisters, if nothing else they take away the thinking about other foot problems,well that’s a positive isn’t it? but you know what, I could not give two hoots I just don’t care if somebody took all my shoes away I would walk in socks if they took the socks well on we go.
Today for the first time I am getting a feeling of immense pride, we hit avg 3 mph per hour today for the whole 24 miles now to me that is going some, mentally I am now so very strong, writing this now, ok I am knackered but I can’t wait to get going again, let’s enjoy theses last few days, I have a feeling I am going to.
I had the real pleasure of walking with Sarah today again the young lady walking for sarcoma, we had a lovely chat and hit on some real emotional moments, I am proud that I can now talk about s£&t, that In the past could not, maybe this walking Malarky has a lot to answer for, hmmmmm deep Ram deep.

Track of the day
3 of them hell why not, please please play them in order


This is for my daughter Emily Ruth Taylor she really is beautiful inside and outside it’s the 8 min version anything else would be a crime.

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Leg 56 – 10th September