Leg 57 – 11th September

Starting at Tain and Ending at Glospie

The Days Journey

Leg 57 20 miles ( plus some) 340 feet
Why all the Pampas Grass? Well not many pubs!
Let’s see who gets that?

Let’s crack on and get this finished
I am taking the 5th amendment, and using my loaf to get this out of the way. I feel now Sam is back with us that we can get this finished in a shorter period of time. It’s all tarmac, no real climb, my legs feel strong. Sam can collect and drop me off where ever I finish on the day, as long as I don’t go into walking in the dark all will be well. So the blog over the next few days will or could be sketchy…… I will post as I am going along if that’s ok?

I could do with getting home.

The whole landscape has changed, also the weather is a little wild. The Motorhome was rocking last night ( oh those memories to tired to think about that) due to the wind it’s still blowing now ( again those distant memories). Just by a beach now and the views are stunning, but it’s so cold!
Tracks of the day a little different, the calm before the storm so to say!
Some cracking love songs here, I know Ram and love songs!!!!!! What ever next! Well it’s all that Motorhome rocking!




Onwards and upwards

Our Sponsor for Today


Today's Leg is sponsored by 2 businesses belonging to James Smith ...Steadplan MAN Trucks and Trailer dealership. both of which we would massively have struggled without. They both gave us the loan of the support vehicle, which has been invaluable, and produced all the signage for this van and Steve and Alizon's motorhome - raising awareness of the challenge, and CF, wherever they went! Huge thanks to James and both his companies for this support - as Steve approaches his last 5 walks today we realise even more that none of this would have been possible without such generosity behind us both in donations and the practical stuff we needed!

Todays Leg is Dedicated to:

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Leg 57 – 11th September