Leg 58 – 12th September

Starting at Golspie and Ending at Helmsdale

The Days Journey

Leg 58 20 Miles plus some 320 feet.
Toe nails are overrated, 3 off two to go.

Landed just north of Helmsdale, it’s easy with Sam here again, as I can ring when I am done and he just picks me up, not sure if the blisters, will ensure we finish on schedule (Saturday) but will try our best. Remember the schedule was changed due to the Mighty Clarets playing in Europe, how long ago does that seem?
The long and winding road that is the A9 is best described for a walker, as well, a death Trap, I have developed a system that should ensure I don’t get flattened by one of the logging wagons, it’s called snog, marry, avoid. If any car is approaching, I glance back if nothing is coming then I stay put so the car moves out of the way, that’s Snog, if a van comes I again glance back and see if another car is coming, if no car I stay put and wave that’s marry, if a wagon is coming I jump on to the verge close my eyes and think of England, cos they don’t move

Oh how my mind is wandering while I walk.

So I suppose we are drawing to a close with all this walking Malarkey, I feel that over the next 3 days we should take a look back at what we have found from this adventure, take what you want and leave the rest I know I will, I have so many highs, some lows & laughs, even a few tears now that’s hard to say. So we will leave it there as Mrs Reed will put it in her locker!
All the views photos are from todays jaunt along the A9.
They don’t half drive fast, one thing for sure if I ever see a walker/cyclist I am going to slow right down.
I really hope this does not happen but I fear people will get killed on this A9 either walk or bike, doing LEJOG.
The traffic has increased 75% in the last two years due to the NC500 (Tarmac Tourist) just hope it does not happen.
If I was to pass any advise it’s go inland go west as a certain gay band once said don’t worry they are not on track of the day.
I want to pass this on to you that somebody told me on route, “ resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die” very deep and the more you think about it the lighter the load gets, my rucksack’s empty, how full is yours?
Onwards and well for a few days upwards

Track of the day, these bands changed the music scene forever.
Mid to late 70’s
Loud is the only way



We could not have a trilogy with out this band

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Leg 58 – 12th September

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Leg 58 – 12th September