Leg 6 – 7th July

Starting at Polzeath and Ending at Tintagel

The Days Journey

Leg 6 15-6 mile 5150 feet climb – a tough leg in hot sun.
There’s Nowt as nice as folk… doing this just opens your eyes to so many wonderful places but we get to meet so many wonderful people.

Landed at campsite and we were surrounded with folk who wanted to know why I was in an ice bath. Got chatting and they then took the flag and bucket to every pitch on the site, then they took photos to place on Cornish and proud web site/Facebook page.

We lost Peter Rabbit today between Port Isaac and the first Port William Pub, so if any body finds him pls return…….

Just on a sober note, while leaving the Port William pub we were chatting to a lovely lady who wanted to donate and spread the word. She also said keep an eye open for Finn ….. I had seen his poster while walking into the village; he went missing a year ago while suffering from Anxiety……. so not matter what s£&t you have going on please spare a thought & prayer for Finn and his Mum.

We will keep our eyes open.

Today’s inspirational music track – YouTube link

Our Sponsor for Today

Leg 6 sponsor

Today's sponsor for Leg 6 is our very own community radio station Ribble FM....they have been brilliantly supportive of LEJOG and Kath the radio manager sent this message for Steve ...."The team at Ribble FM wish you all the best for this leg and the rest of this fantastic challenge."....

Todays Leg is Dedicated to:

Molly Mae

My name is Molly-Mae, I am 9 years old and I have Cystic Fibrosis and here is my story of when I met my friend Ethel.

I hope my story helps other children like me.

The day my Mummy and Daddy told me I was going to have a Portacath fitted I felt very nervous because I didn’t know what a Portacath was at first. My Mummy and Daddy explained to me how it was the best thing for me and would be easier for when I needed intravenous antibiotics and could even have my bloods taken from my portacath. I was still a little scared and really wanted to speak with my Cystic Fibrosis Team as I had lots and lots of questions to ask!

I chose to call my Portacath Ethel Port as I like the name Ethel… don’t ask why I just think it’s funny!

I decided I wanted to meet Ethel Port, so I asked to meet with my nurse to meet Ethel Port and to ask lots and lots of questions. I felt so much happier when I met her. She was a bit bigger then I thought but I didn’t feel as scared anymore. She was made of Titanium, I found it so funny as I would set off the alarms at the airports when I go on my holidays, I even thought I would have to go through the scanning machines where your luggage normally goes!

The day arrived when I was to have Ethel Port fitted there was a few days in hospital before the operation but I had lots of fun and had plenty of things to do. The nurses and doctors were so lovely. The play leaders brought me a Nintendo DS to play with and I did lots of painting because sometimes hospitals can be so boring at times.

Finally, I was ready to go to theatre in an unfashionable hospital gown! Whoever designed them doesn’t have any fashion sense! I did ask what shows were on at the Theatre but no Mary Poppins this time just “Ethel Port’s Musical”.

I was taken to theatre by a very funny porter who made me laugh all the way. I was then put to sleep and before I knew it I was awake and Ethel Port had been fitted.

So, Ethel Port then became my friend I think of her this way as she’s there to help me when I need IV’s and my bloods taken. She goes everywhere with me (it would be a bit difficult if she didn’t!), she had her first day at school (luckily she’s in the same group as me), her first bath, her first swim, her first sleep in my bed, her first haircut with me and she has met all my friends and family now. She’s got so many exciting adventures to have with me and I know she’ll love them all.

I don’t like to think of my port as a nuisance to me as I like to think of her as a friend for life as she is just part of me now and part of who I am and nothing will stop me living my life to the max!

Beer of the Day

More cider – deliciously cool and refreshing!



Leg 6 beer