Leg 7 – 9th July

Starting at Tintagel and Ending at Coxford

The Days Journey

1 week down (quite a few still to go!)

Hot, er er no: it’s boiling!
After the first few hours, the sweat running into your eyes tends to stop, the few Lt of water you can carry soon goes, so you just dig in, and that is something that has started to happen.

At first the enormity of the route devours all your sense of one day at a time, but today for the first time on the last hill of 25 k and a few thousand feet day I thought, come on, give it me, is that the end of what you have today?

I won’t get over confident as I know only to well that so much can go wrong….. but let’s see….

Lamb has decided to stay on with me for a while which is a real bonus. Hope the sort of blog and photos are ok for you all.
One last thing the ice bath at the end of the day oh such joy!

Distance walked 15.5 miles.

Total distance covered – 94 miles

Gallery photos show The new Peter Rabbit has turned up so you young un’s can see them again… and also a reminder of Finn just in case.


Inspirational track of the day – YouTube link

Our Sponsor for Today

Leg 7 sponsor

Amidst the outstanding natural beauty of the Forest of Bowland this picturesque country inn sits at the heart of the tiny village of Bashall Eaves. It offers a luxury B&B experience and a fabulous restaurant. With an elegantly rural interior, The Red Pump Inn has been restored to its former glory and had new life and character injected by the bucket load. Stone flag floors, oak beams, crackling open fires and 8 boutique bedrooms complete with French antique beds, fluffy slipper comfort mattresses and powerful wet room showers. Recommended in Alastair Sawday's Secret Places and the Good Pub Guide, it’s the perfect place for a night away in the heart of the Lancashire countryside.......thanks to them for their support - raising money to help Steve fight Cystic Fibrosis.

Todays Leg is Dedicated to:

Scarlett Birdsall

Scarlett’s mum sent us this….

“Scarlett was diagnosed at 5 days old. As a family, we were devastated and for a while, CF and thoughts of the future took over our lives completely.

But as time went on, Scarlett showed us just how tough she was. Her strength gave us strength and no matter what challenges face her, no matter how poorly she gets, she never stops smiling.

Daily life at first was tough. Medications, physio, hospital visits and home visits. CF was all we thought about for the first few months. But now, we do what we need to do every day with treatments, then live everyday together, with CF no longer in the front of our minds.

We are all so proud of how well Scarlett does. She is forever showing cf exactly who is boss. Scarlett has an incredible team behind her, at hospital and in our community.

Every year our community ‘Stands with Scarlett’ by turning the whole village yellow raising money for the Trust and so far within the last two years we’ve raised £6278.21.

We’re already looking forward to our third ‘Turn Crawcrook yellow’ event we have planned for 2018”

Beer of the Day

Malvern Magic!!! – Does what it says on the tin 🙂

Beer – leg 4