Leg 9 – 11th July

Starting at Crosstown and Ending at Hoops

The Days Journey

Leg 9 and well into Devon and football to watch. Bashed through today’s 16 miles or so, with a 2173ft total ascent.

Not many photos but every day is a step nearer home…

Having the bonus of meeting some wonderful people who really wish you well, which lifts your mood, recognition get away. The mental side of this is so tough you really don’t have a chance to catch your breath.
Ps had the worst meal of the trip so far, I am not naming names but it could not have got any worse!!

Today’s dedication was just so wonderful ,how can one so young be so brave?

Many thanks to our sponsor today. I have known Jonathan for a while now and he is working hard to sort transport for Leg 31
Ps the hedges were very high

Come on England!



Our Sponsor for Today

Leg 9 sponsor

An independent driver agency and logistics recruitment services business operating exclusively in the UK logistics sector, providing specialist nationwide driver agency and warehouse staff recruitment services from our offices in Lancashire....thank you for supporting Stephen Taylor in his epic challenge and helping all those with Cystic Fibrosis - we really appreciate it.

Todays Leg is Dedicated to:

Libby Fae Dean

Today’s dedication in Libby Fae Dean 😀……Libby’s step-mum sent us this lovely message.

“I would love to dedicate a day to my beautiful step daughter Libby Fae Dean. Her pure strength and determination in fighting this cruel disease amazes me. Libby never complains, has the most amazing smile and zest for life. Last year she completed the Great North Strides 5 mile walk along Hadrian’s wall and raised £1,422.50 for CF trust.”

Today Stephen will be walking and thinking of you Libby!

Beer of the Day

Cheers, England – come on boys!

Leg 9 2